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TOF #40 52 pages, February 2008 $3.00
40 issues in 20 years! We lead with an 8-page Crowe’s Curios story entitled “Love In Bloom” about a lonely spinster’s purchase of a garden cupid, and Bart Rover, android hunter experiences “Kiss of The Wolf”. Detective Kolowski in a” Sunday Comics page” format meets Madame Boogala and Dr. Ocular in a wild mind trip! And on the back cover reproductions of all 40 issues! Jason Sacks said: “Brookston is clearly a town where unexpected moments are commonplace, and that’s a big part of wht makes the setting so intriguing for me.”

TOF #41, 44 pages, May 2008 $3.00
“The Skin Game” 29 pages is a real reader favorite! Lew Brown is lured to a remote island off the coast of Maine where he intends to interview Dr. Edward Derma who claims he can clone body parts! This tale is in the tradition of all Mad Scientist tales going all the way back to Mary Schelly’s Frankenstein! Space Cat appears in a 6-page back up tale as well called “Gone Fishing!” and believe me, this cat has some really wild adventures! Recommended. Here’s what Larry Blake said about “The Skin Game”: “You just keep on ratcheting up the horror and wildness in a masterful way, Larry! This really just screams out, “classic monster movie.” Creepy mansion, a bizarre servant, an overnight stay for the innocent guest, the insane creation scene in a Victorian era sort of lab – you’re hitting ALL the buttons! Now you throw in an axe-murder and a female hostage! All of a sudden it just goes TOTALLY nuts with a dismembered body that won’t die!”

TOF #42, 40 pages, July 2008 $3.00
“The Brookston Avenger” 25 pages written by Mike Tuz. Detective Kolowski has investigated his share of strange cases over the years, but when he receives reports of a costumed vigilante taking the law into his own hands, well, that’s just something else! This “Brookston Avenger” is a little too vigilant causing severe injuries to his prey, and it’s up to the detective to find out what’s going on. This issue also features an essay on Charlton Comics’ 1960s version of Hercules, Every Saturday and Space Cat. Larry Blake commented: “Mike’s script is really fast-paced and things are hopping from page one. By page 5 Mike has skewered many stereotypes of standard superhero comics including racists overtones. Very perceptive of him! This is good writing and lets us know we are in for entirely something different here!”

TOF #43, 48 pages, September 2008 $3.00
“The Lab Test” 35 pages. Gabrielle Legrande accompanied Lew Brown back to Brookston when she escaped the clutches of the mad Dr. Derma (in “The Skin Game” #41) and while out with Lew one night she encounters her uncle Joseph Legar on the street! He’s a homeless fellow with a reputation for alcoholic delusions. She’s determined to help him become a contributing member of society, gets him sober and a job at her place of employment The Brookston Scientific Institute. But things go wrong and it all seems to center around this strange creature who has befriended Joseph whom he refers to simply as “Bud.” Madame Boogala, Dr. Young, and Detective Kolowski also star in this eerie tale. Every Saturday and Space Cat make a showing too and an essay on DC’s 1960s comic Space Ranger

TOF #44, 48 pages, November 2008 $3.00
Rapidly becoming a reader favorite this issue features three science fiction-themed stories, leading off with Lew Brown in “Saucer Patrol.” In this 17-page tale he picks up a toy from Crowe’s Curios he once had as a child and it sparks off memories and a strange confluence of events. In “Lou Braun Super Scientist” (9 pages) Lew Brown is cast into this futuristic “over-the-top” adventure in the lines of the works of Golden Age artist Fletcher Hanks. And “Jesse Stuart” in “Paradise” written by Mike Tuz (9 pages) marks the debut of a character I worked on back in the early 1970s, my first small press comics! It’s an eerie psychological tale about a space man and his ties to home. Readers love it! An essay on Gold Key’s 1960s comic Mighty Samson and Space Cat can also be found this issue. Don’t miss this one!

TOF #45, 44 pages, January 2009, $3.00
He came from outer space! He was in the vanguard of his race! His people would soon invade the earth! His name was “Tibero!” The homeless population of Brookston is menaced by this weird tree creature and Lew Brown and his friend Gabrielle LeGrande get involved and Detective Kolowski is also thrown into the mix in this 30 page exciting tale! If you are a fan of the old Jack Kirby monster comics from the Atlas comics era this one is for you! Also in this issue we have an essay on DC’s 1960s series Sea Devils and a recommended reading section. And Space Cat encounters a fly! Where else are you going to find this kind of weirdness?

TOF #46. 40 pages, March 2009, $3.00
In a departure from our usual fare, we feature “Eryx” a 25-page science fiction tale written by Mike Tuz and illustrated by Larry Johnson. What would be the consequences of a manned spacecraft landing on the inhospitable surface of Venus? Commander Stuart and his crew face a force landed on the planet and their ship is in great danger of collapsing due to the intense atmospherice pressure. The heat and deadly gases spell doom for the crew. Find out what happens in this exciting adventure. Reader Jason Sacks said: “I found myself really involved with the plight of the Eryx and Captain Stuart’s attempts to save his crew. The relentless sound effect of “creak” of the ship as it was crushed in the Venusian atmosphere helped create a drumbeat of tension!” We also feature an essay on the 1960s comic Unknown Worlds, Every Saturday and Space Cat!

TOF #48, November 2009, $3.00
“From Venus With Love” (33 pages) features Lew Brown and his brother Freddy in their quest to meet their brother Martin, whom they recently learned about at the time of their father’s death (in “Saucer Patrol” #44). Their brother Martin is a lieutenant in the Air Force working on a secret project in New Mexico. Lew has been drawn there for an important purpose and learns about his connection to the planet Venus! This story uncovers lots of information about Lew and fodder for future tales. Here’s what Michael Tuz had to say: “The sci-fi Lew Brown tales all seem to have a central theme of the loss of individuality. Going back to “The Aurorans” in TOF #19, “The Seeing Eye” in #25 and now “From Venus With Love,” all of these stories deal with the concept as the brothers Brown find themselves in situations where in a group collective threatens to steal their individuality.” Lew Brown’s 25th anniversary is also commemorated in this issue with an essay and Space Cat visits the circus!

TOF #50, May 2010, 48 pages, $3.00 ppd.
A strange woman appears at Madame Boogala’s shop one day. She wears a veil and when she reaches for a cup of tea, her hand falls off! She produces a needle and thread from her bag and proceeds to sew it back on. Madame, being suspicious, rips her veil off revealing the woman to be a doll-like construction. Learn the mystery of “The Patchwork Woman,” this issue’s 20 page lead feature. Bart Rover returns as a moth man this time in “Float Like A Butterfly” (highly acclaimed by readers), this issue’s text adventure, and Space Cat encounters a mean bird in “Cat Bird Sweet”. We have a few special features celebrating TOF’s 50th issue and it marks it’s return to the UFO (the United Fanzine Organization).

TOF #52 November 2010, 44 pages, $3.00 ppd.
Detective Kolowski is hooked on cigarettes and one evening he visits Madame Boogala’s shop feeling quite ill from all his smoking! She then delves into the mystery of “Up In Smoke!” in this issue’s lead story. Bart Rover, our shape shifting android hunter goes through his strangest transformation yet to deal with a problem android on the world Morphelia and learns the secret of “Pansy Power” in his latest adventure. Here’s what reader Jason Sacks had to say: “This story, more than most others in the series, really represents a journey into a unique and very different society from the one that we live in.” Space Cat has a “Krazy” adventure and Mails of Fantasy is here as well.

TOF #53 March 2011, 44 pages, $3.00 ppd.
Madame Boogala encounters the engineer Joe Carbone; he’s created a ray to render objects invisible for the military and has tested it on a mechanical man with suprising results! Join the Madame, her son Goomar and Detective Kolowski as they track down this errant creature, “The Invisible Giant” in this issue’s 23-page lead tale. “Klak-torr The Conqueror” written by Mike Tuz and illustrated by LEJ is the back up tale this time. Here’s what reader Jason Sacks had to say: “This story totally evoked the mood of thos classic Kirby/Lee stories I love so much!” We have a text piece on DC’s 1960s series Mark Merlin, Mails of Fantasy, Space Cat and Jesse Stuart on the back cover. Where else are you going to find this kind of variety in one book? And it’s a UFO Publication.

TOF #54, 44 pages, July 2011, $3.00 ppd.
Learn the secrets of a 100 year old television device that is able to see things beyond the normal range of human vision when Lew Brown’s Cousin discovers “The Image Oscillator” in Crowe’s Curios in this issue’s lead 23 page adventure. Bart Rover, our shape shifting android hunter is called to a planet to retrieve a malfunctioning class four “New Man” model and runs into an old flame in “The Lady and The Bug and Space Cat experiences a haunting this time out! Mails of Fantasy and Jesse Stuart on the back cover round out this issue. Believe me, you aren’t going to find anything like this from Marvel or DC! Regarding “The Image Oscillator” J. Kevin Carrier had this to say: “The slow build up of suspense, with Thomas’s growing obsession, leading to the reveal of the creatures being channeled through the screen, is very effective.”

Tales of Fantasy #55 Jesse Stuart Larry Johnson Mike Tuz science fiction fantasy small press comic bookTOF #55 44 pages, October 2011, only $3.00 ppd.

Join Jesse Stuart in the far flung future, a federation officer lost in space as he searches for his home planet Earth. He comes across a world that almost like a garden of eden and there he meets a beautiful and alluring woman named Grdzk and learns of the pleasures and dangers of that world in this issue’s lead 22 page adventure, “A Line In The Sand.” This tale was written by Mike Tuz and is illustrated by Larry Johnson. And we begin a new series this time out: “Tales of the BSI” featuring the scientists Joe Carbone, Gabrielle LeGrande and Thomas Brown in their first outing called, “Small World”. Suffice to say, this 9 page tale details some experiments with beetles gone awry! Mails of Fantasy and Space Cat round out this issue, and it’s a UFO publication. All this can be yours for only $3.00 ppd.

Tales of Fantasy #56 Larry Johnson Madame Boogala science fiction fantasy small press comic bookTOF #56, 40 page digest January 2012, only $3.00 ppd.

Imagine a talking crow, and then imagine this crow witnessing a strange little creature giving Goomar, Madame Boogala’s son a venomous bite. He’s in a coma and his mother needs help reviving him! Meet Crowcuss in this engaging 25-page adventure entitled (naturally), “As The Crow Flies!” Here’s what reader Larry Blake said: “Tone is very important in this story. You walk a fine line with drama, comedy, and the strange and mundane. Good job, Larry!” You’ll find Mails of Fantasy, Space Cat and all the usual fun stuff in this issue! And, yep, it’s another UFO publication!

#57 May 2012, 40 pages, only $3.00 ppd.

Biochemist Gabrielle LeGrande’s experiment with a spider named Penelope results in the bug growing to huge proportions! She builds her web between city buildings to catch her prey! How do the citizens of Brookston react to this? Find out in “Along Came A Spider” this issue’s lead tale. We also have an essay “The Science of Jesse Stuart” by Mike Tuz, Dream Diary, Space Cat and Mails of Fantasy. Where else are you going to get this kind of variety in one package?

tales of fantasy #58TOF #58 July 2012, 44 pages, only $3.00 ppd.

Something strange is going on in the City of Arlong! People are just disappearing, and when they return – well – they just aren’t acting like themselves! You may remember as a kid your mother telling you to EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! Well, that has something to do with it! Zooy, the original star of Tales of Fantasy returns for a fun romp in this issue’s 22 page lead adventure entitled, “The Mighty Yammite!” Zooy is one of my oldest comic book characters created nearly 50 years ago. We haven’t seen him in a long time but now this plucky little hero is back for some fun! There’s other features as well including a wacky Dream Diary, Space Cat and a lengthy letters column. Be on board for some fun this time out! Where else but
in self-published comics would you find something this far out?

tales of fantasy #59TOF #59, 48 page digest comic, October 2012, only $3.00 ppd.

Imagine a glove, an electronic glove that holds immense power. From a distance you can knock your opponent down, at close proximity you can cause real harm, and direct contact? Well, let’s just say the possessor of such a weapon would have to use his power wisely. Criminals in the city of Brookston are starting to feel the powerful effect of such a weapon wielded by a unique individual, a white clad figure known as “The Hand!” The first two chapters of this new series debut in this issue. We also have a new Bart Rover adventure entitled “Slime Molding” which is beyond weirdness! Space Cat and Mails of Fantasy are added to the mix for your pleasure! Order today!

tales of fantasy #60 web_0001TOF #60,48 page digest comic with color covers, January 2013, only $3.00 ppd.

Jesse Stuart and his robot companion Dacto, having been lost in space for a long time, come across a world seemingly devoid of life, except for one small area, the location of a zoo. They also discover that this zoo is tended by robots! What happened to the human population on this world? That is the mystery Jesse and Dacto face in this issue’s exciting 34 page story, “A Day At The Zoo!” This issue marks Tales of Fantasy’s 25th anniversary, and features our usual insightful comments from readers in Mails of Fantasy, plus Space Cat and a back cover by Larry Blake. Order today!

TOF #61 WEB_0001TOF #61, 52 page digest comic with color covers, May 2013, only $3.00 ppd.

Who is “The Hand?” This strange costumed crime fighter is coming to the rescue on the streets of Brookston. This issue we are treated to Chapters 3 and 4 in this new series (Chapters 1 and 2 appeared in TOF #59). Imagine a shy coffee barista, living with his mother coming into the possession of a powerful atomic powered glove. He can exert an immense force from it from will power alone. What are the responsibilities and consequences of his actions? This cold war weapon has a storied history and you can find out more in this latest installment. Mails of Fantasy is here for your edification and Dream Diary is too. Find out what our readers are talking about by ordering this issue!  Order today!

TOF #62 webTOF #62 60 page digest with color covers, August 2013, only $3.00 ppd.

In the tradition of all the great pulp digests of the past, this issue we divert from our usual content to present an ALL TEXT edition. Three stories featuring Larry Johnson’s signature characters, Lew Brown, Bart Rover and Madame Boogala are featured. In “The Passage in the Darkness” by Mike Tuz, Lew Brown visits an old college buddy in the city of Boston to discover a deep, dark secret underground. In “Never  Forget” a new Bart Rover adventure written by the editor, the android hunter morphs into a strange elephant-like beast and encounters the usual difficulties! And in the exciting “Circus of King Carlos” by Perry Lake Madame Boogala stars in a story from the old country where she and a monstrous companion are pitted against some nasty denizens of the dark side of Paris! Mails of Fantasy is here plus some colorful paintings and drawings. Order today!

TOF #63TOF #63, 52 page digest with color covers, November 2013 only $3.00 ppd.

This special issue celebrates Zooy’s 50th anniversary! This plucky little hero stars in a brand new story, “Electropolis” where he encounters members of his original crew Reform and Clickwa. Also we have “Zooy and the Silver Witch” (from 1964) a tale Larry Johnson produced when he was 10 years old. In addition we have a special 4 page color centerspread featuring all 72 covers of Zooy’s homemade comic book from the 1960s and 70s. If that’s not enough several essays featuring biographies of the various supporting cast that appeared in his book are also included. Don’t miss this special issue! It’s a one of kind, featuring Larry’s most enduring character. He’s still going strong!

TOF #64 website material_0005TOF #65, 44 page digest with color covers, March 2014, only $3.00 ppd.

This issue leads off with an exciting science fiction tale entitled “Robot!” Learn the consequences of the resurrection of a Cold War weapon on the residents of Brookston in this story written and illustrated by Larry Johnson with inks by Dan Burke. Also we feature “Growth” another science fiction story, Mysterious Adventures (some wordless tales) and “Not School Work” in which Larry describes his experiences in art class in his high school years. As usual our readers offer insightful comments in Mails of Fantasy.

TOF #65 coverTOF #65, 48 page digest with color covers, May 2014, only $3.00 ppd.

Reader favorite “The Hand” returns this time with Chapters 5 and 6 of this on-going saga! Freddy Brown, a shy young coffee shop barista, finds himself addicted to using a strange atomic glove which gives him a euphoric feeling and the urge to dress up in costume and “fight crime” on the streets of Brookston. He’s able to ZAP criminals with his glove but this time the victims of his actions seek revenge with fierce consequences! He finds his relationship with this device much more entangled than ever before as he faces dire circumstances! 36 pages of story this time! Mails of Fantasy is here for your edification plus Dream Diary. Order today!

tof #66 promo internet_0001TOF #66, 44 page digest with color covers, September 2014, only $3.00 ppd.

Shadows hover about the streets of Brookston, disembodied shadows, and one of them enters Madame Boogala’s shop and possesses her son Goomar in “Shadow of a Doubt”.  The mystery continues when various residents of the city are haunted by the shadows of departed loved ones, as investigated by Dr. Young in “Shadow Play.” Find out what all the intrigue is about in this issue’s suspenseful fare. Also featured are Dream Diary and an informative Mails of Fantasy. And as an added surprise an installment of “Every Saturday” a Boston newspaper from 1893.

TOF #67 coverTOF #67,  48 page digest with color covers, November 2014, only $3.00 ppd.

The long awaited chapters 7 and 8 of the on-going “The Hand” saga continues this issue! Freddy Brown is one troubled young man. He’s a shy coffee shop employee, a recovering drug addict, who lives with his mother, and has a strange relationship with an atomic-powered glove. When he dons this device he feels compelled to fly out over the streets of Brookston at night on patrol in search of criminals in the act of mugging and other crimes. Through sheer force of will he is able to “zap” these miscreants with a stunning force from his glove. All well and good you think, eh? Not so! His victims suffer brain damage and worse! In addition Freddy’s hand hurts like hell when he’s not using the glove and feels the need for a “fix.” Law enforcement is looking for this self-appointed vigilante and his family and friends are adversely affected. Join us for this gripping drama as we learn more about his fate! In addition we have an episode of Every Saturday, a reprint of an 1890s newspaper, and Space Cat, and  Mails of Fantasy even includes a letter from an important artist from the history of comics (I kid you not!). Order now!

TOF #68 web_0002TOF #68, 40 page digest with color covers, February 2015, only $3.00 ppd.

Imagine a man who, through circumstance, has gained the power to exert an electrical force through his hands! He is known as Ohm The Electric Man and is employed by Morphote’s Wonders, a side show in the city of Brookston, where he uses this power as a kind of faith healer! He’s the star attraction, quite attractive, but there’s something a little off about him! Join us for the inauguration of this new series in this latest issue. Also we have Every Saturday, a reprint of a n 1893 newspaper, Mails of Fantasy, plus Dream Diary! Prepare to be mystified by Tales of Fantasy! Order today!

TOF #69 40-page digest with color covers, May 2015, only $3.00 ppd.

TOF #69 COVER and illo_0001Our new series, “Ohm The Electric Man” continues with three more chapters! Lenny Jones, an inept janitor, electrical engineer wanna-be, has an accident with a generator one night at the Brookston Scientific Institute and suddenly gains the ability to channel electricity through his body! As a side show attraction in “Morphote’s Wonders” he uses his power as a faith healer and comes to the attention of Ivana Colon, anthropologist. After having an affair, Ivana announced she was pregnant to which Lenny denied fatherhood. This issue she gives birth to their child! And it’s a shocking event. In the meantime Lenny pursues his hedonistic charged desires regardless of the consequences. We have a couple character profiles, reprints of the 1893 newspaper Every Saturday, Dream Diary plus Mails of Fantasy. Join the fun and order today!

 TOF #70 40 page digest, August 205, only $3.00 ppd.

Tales of Fantasy #70 webMeet the cowboys of the Broken B Ranch, where strange things have been happening. Something has been eating the cattle, something big and that bears investigating. At the same time a German paleontologist shows up in search of fossilized bones of ancient beasts that had roamed this desolate land out west ages ago. Could one of those creatures still be around? That’s how our story “Taste Like Chicken” begins. Dream Diary and Mails of Fantasy round out this issue. Get it while it’s hot!

TOF #71,  40 page digest with color covers, November 2015, only $3.00 ppd.

TOF #71 cover webMankind’s need to explore and examine the outer reaches of his environment have been a driving force throughout history. And sometimes this need goes beyond the boundaries of his natural environment. In a project to explore the hostile environment of the Himalayan Mountains a special substance has been developed by a scientist at the Brookston Scientific Institute. This substance, with the ability to integrate with other materials and the ability to animate and follow remote control commands, coupled with artificial intelligence is a novel approach. How intelligent is this substance, and what kind of connection does it have with its creator? Find out in this issue’s outing, “The Solution.” Dream Diary is also here and also Mails of Fantasy. Join in on the fun and order today!




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