Tales of Fantasy

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best-of-tales-of-fantasy-cover reducedThe Best of Tales of Fantasy Volume OneNow available! This 200 page edition large format square bound paperback is a bargain for under $10.00 on Amazon.

“These stories harken back to the “strange tales” published by Marvel (and Charlton) in the early 1960s.” – Don Ensign

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TOF offers the on-going adventures of the citizens of the city of Brookston where weird things always seem to be happening. We have Lew Brown, an ordinary fellow who happens to experience extra-ordinary things, and an ancient gypsy woman Madame Boogala, who runs a tearoom on Hemlock Street. Together these two individuals form the focal point for most of the the strange happenings in the city. There’s a whole supporting cast, too, and nearly each of them has been featured in their own adventures. There’s Detective Kolowski who is pressed into service assisting Madame Boogala. Then, of course her son Goomar who is often at odds with his mother.

Alistair Crowe runs a little curio shop, and each item has a story to tell. He is friends with Dr. Charles Young, Lew Brown’s psychotherapist. And Lew has a girlfriend Gabrielle LeGrande who is a scientist at the Brookston Scientific Institute. She also has an uncle named Joseph who prefers to live on the street.  Lew Brown’s brother Freddy shows up too and came into possession of an atomic powered glove turning him into a super hero of sorts named “The Hand”, not to mention Detective Kolowski’s mother the imperious Polish lady Magda Kolowski, patron to the down and out in Brookston. And a ne’er do well named Lenny Jones happened to gain electric powers at BSI which he used for nefarious purposes. And lurking in the background is the mysterious Morpho, also known as Henri Morphote (arch enemy of Madame Boogala!).

In addition we have occasional adventures of intergalactic android hunter Bart Rover, who must morph into various creatures on worlds to retrieve errant androids leased to companies doing business throughout the galaxy.

Let’s not forget Space Cat, a cartoon feline with his own adventures. Other stuff happens too in Tales of Fantasy. This small press comic book began in 1988 and ran for 71 issues until the end of 2015. It is currently on hiatus but is still available as back issues. And of course you can order the Amazon collection. 200 pages of fun stuff!

One response to “Tales of Fantasy

  1. Great slideshow, Larry. If these tantalizing teases don’t get people interested in your comics, nothing will!
    The quote from the late Don Ensign was a sobering reminder of the small press friends who we have lost over the years.

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