Welcome to Larry Johnson Artist. At right, we have Lew Brown, one of the stars of Tales of Fantasy, my small press comic book. I’ve been making comics all my life and also do landscape paintings and drawings. This site contains a sampling of different forms of my art.

You will find fantasy work here, as well as photographs. All you need do is click on the  menu to the left to view the galleries. There’s an automatic slide show in each one, and the gallery feature allows you too see larger images. Please drop me a line and let my know what you think of my work. email: LewBrown75@yahoo.com

best of tales of fantasy coverThe Best of Tales of Fantasy Volume One

Now available! This 200 page edition large format square bound paperback is a bargain for under $10.00 on Amazon.

“These stories harken back to the “strange tales” published by Marvel (and Charlton) in the early 1960s.” – Don Ensign

Care to order? Just click here!

TOF #71 cover webTales of Fantasy #71 “The Solution” a 26 page science fiction adventure I this new issue.  How to order? click here.

Los Luchadores

This painting “Los Luchadores” is one of 20 new works that can be found in New Stuff 2014

Be sure to check out my You Tube channel. Videos slide shows of my art, plus comics, photos, and even a new way of viewing classic Ditko art. Click Here.

zooy electropolis page color teaser

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