Tales of Fantasy #71

 40 page digest with color covers, November 2015, only $3.00 ppd.

Mankind’s need to explore and examine the outer reaches of his environment have been a driving force throughout history. And sometimes this need goes beyond the boundaries of his natural environment. In a project to explore the hostile environment of the Himalayan Mountains a special substance has been developed by a scientist at the Brookston Scientific Institute. This substance, with the ability to integrate with other materials and the ability to animate and follow remote control commands, coupled with artificial intelligence is a novel approach. How intelligent is this substance, and what kind of connection does it have with its creator? Find out in this issue’s outing, “The Solution.” Dream Diary is also here and also Mails of Fantasy. Join in on the fun and order today!



TOF #71 promo

TOF #71 cover web

Send to:

Larry Johnson, 31 Greenbrook Rd.. Hyde Park, MA 02136

You can now order this book through PAYPAL by going to the site: https://www.paypal.com/  and going to SEND MONEY. (there’s an additional 50 cent charge) $3.50. My email is: LewBrown1@verizon.net.

For general information on Tales of Fantasy click here.

For back issues click here.

4 responses to “Tales of Fantasy #71

  1. Larry, your work is awesome.

  2. How do you order this comic

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