Tales of Fantasy #65

48 page digest with color covers, May 2014, only $3.00 ppd.

Reader favorite “The Hand” returns this time with Chapters 5 and 6 of this on-going saga! Freddy Brown, a shy young coffee shop barista, finds himself addicted to using a strange atomic glove which gives him a euphoric feeling and the urge to dress up in costume and “fight crime” on the streets of Brookston. He’s able to ZAP criminals with his glove but this time the victims of his actions seek revenge with fierce consequences! He finds his relationship with this device much more entangled than ever before as he faces dire circumstances! 36 pages of story this time! Mails of Fantasy is here for your edification plus Dream Diary. Order today!

TOF #65 coverthe hand preview 5-29-14

Send to:

Larry Johnson, 31 Greenbrook Rd.. Hyde Park, MA 02136

You can now order this book through PAYPAL by going to the site: https://www.paypal.com/  and going to SEND MONEY. (there’s an additional 50 cent charge) $3.50. My email is: LewBrown1@verizon.net.

For general information on Tales of Fantasy click here.

For back issues click here.

4 responses to “Tales of Fantasy #65

  1. Larry, your work is awesome.

  2. How do you order this comic

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