Tales of Fantasy #70

 40 page digest with color covers, August 2015, only $3.00 ppd.

“Tales of the Broken B” debuts this issue. Imagine back in the 1880s in the west, on a huge ranch where out of the ordinary things happen. It seems something has been eating the cattle, and at the same time a German professor of paleontology shows up to look for fossilized bones of prehistoric creatures. Well, one unfortunate cowboy meets a bad end when he meets “one huge desert critter!” That’s the premise for “Tastes Like Chicken”. That’s the lead feature. We also have an appropriate entry in “Every Saturday” a newspaper item from the 1890s, plus Dream Diary and thoughtful letters from our readers in Mails of Fantasy. Join in on the fun and order today!

broken b preview tof #70 small

Tales of Fantasy #70 web

Send to:

Larry Johnson, 31 Greenbrook Rd.. Hyde Park, MA 02136

You can now order this book through PAYPAL by going to the site: https://www.paypal.com/  and going to SEND MONEY. (there’s an additional 50 cent charge) $3.50. My email is: LewBrown1@verizon.net.

For general information on Tales of Fantasy click here.

For back issues click here.

4 responses to “Tales of Fantasy #70

  1. Larry, your work is awesome.

  2. How do you order this comic

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