Tales of Fantasy #64

44 page digest with color covers, March 2014, only $3.00 ppd.

This issue leads off with an exciting science fiction tale entitled “Robot!” Learn the consequences of the resurrection of a Cold War weapon on the residents of Brookston in this story written and illustrated by Larry Johnson with inks by Dan Burke. Also we feature “Growth” another science fiction story, Mysterious Adventures (some wordless tales) and “Not School Work” in which Larry describes his experiences in art class in his high school years. As usual our readers offer insightful comments in Mails of Fantasy. Don’t miss out. Order today!

TOF #64 website material_0005

TOF #64 website material_0002


Send to:

Larry Johnson, 31 Greenbrook Rd.. Hyde Park, MA 02136

You can now order this book through PAYPAL by going to the site: https://www.paypal.com/  and going to SEND MONEY. (there’s an additional 50 cent charge) $3.50. My email is: LewBrown1@verizon.net.

For general information on Tales of Fantasy click here.

For back issues click here.

4 responses to “Tales of Fantasy #64

  1. Larry, your work is awesome.

  2. How do you order this comic

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